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Over the years, we have had many a precious and broken-hearted couple sit across from us on our couch as well as phone calls from friends of friends of friends, wanting us to share our story with them and feeling the freedom to ask us questions. And I know why this is meaningful… we were one of those couples! But a broken heart is far from me now as is the grieving of having biological children. It was a necessary process that we went thro to find our passion for adoption but above all, I believe with every tiny fibre that this was always our story. The interwoven tapestry of our family is so beautiful and you often hear it said – I wouldn’t change a thing. The power of love to break thro every boundary, is a truly miraculous thing!

I have always been very open and passionate about sharing our story – well the parts that are mine to share. So if you would like to make contact, pop me a message and follow my everydayiswritten facebook page to journey further together: —->

For an outline of our infertility story, see: The day my ears heard.
This is the day that our adoption process began: Taking the Leap.
Then there’s the day that we became parents with 7 hours notice, see: Behold… a baby girl.
Two years later we ‘adopted’ an embryo (yip!) and I carried our son into this world, see: Finding our snowflake baby.


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