I’m not sure when it began – probably with my mom’s home made school lunch boxes. They were always the picture of health, altho, as it goes with teens it took a few years to really appreciate that.

Losing one too many young friends to cancer, researching reasons for infertility as well as carefully considering what food I put into the mouths of my beloved babes, has really impacted me and my quest to know more. Over time, I have established which health voices to trust and even tho they may vary in some areas (which I also appreciate), they don’t budge on the big health stuff – eating unprocessed, whole foods that are organic & GMO-free.  I have slowly dug deeper into my pantry, my cosmetic bag & even the products under my sink… and it has empowered me to progressively make changes that match my growing conviction.

I am passionate about sharing what I have learnt to hopefully help interested others live more naturally too. So as I discover, I plan to share. Here. Soon…..!