Sharing our stories

When I first started writing here, it was merely to exercise some thoughts and have a personal mini therapeutic heart workout - quite often between my head, heart and God. I found myself wading through the mudcentre of our particular yet-to-be-met-family-desire, with no idea of how things would work out or if they even would... … Continue reading Sharing our stories


On Radio: “Adoption story of hope”

I was recently approached to share our Adoption story live on radio. Once I managed to get around the unforgiving LIVE part and a tendency to hug my words with 'ums', I was actually super excited! Turns out I was streamed live on facebook as well but I decided to stick to my 'face for radio' debut instead 🙂 It … Continue reading On Radio: “Adoption story of hope”

conviction? adoption!

CERTAINTY, ASSURANCE, CONFIDENCE, SURENESS, NO SHADOW OF A DOUBT. Our planes don't just land here by chance. These are the final destinations that we move all of our family and belongings ox wagons.  They are not just last-minute holiday destinations. And I believe these are the gem places that we need to find! But let … Continue reading conviction? adoption!