“How we adopted our family”

Thank you to Your Baby Magazine for featuring our 'Story of Love' this month! I gladly accept opportunities to share our adoption journey - it allows me to stretch my head above the 'day to day' rushing to the shops to buy more milk on route to fetching kids from school, right before refereeing the "teacher teacher" game gone awry (because mini designated student has brought his freewill bulldozer into the carefully arranged classroom made up of my no longer carefully arranged lounge cushions). Cue: mom's around the world, nod...


I am One in Six

...BUT have you ever tried keeping a secret like this for over a year? It gets less fun with each month... and at some point you pack away the baby booties (to be unwrapped at the next family gathering followed with shrieks of 'SURPRISE')... and you book that doctors appointment. Which leads to some very black and white letters on this piece of paper...

Fly high, little Aviator

His favourite thing in the world is an aeroplane and he is full of hope and expectation that one day he will be chosen.... to fly in one with his mom and dad to be. But in his words "I must be patient, I can't rush it" and so he draws pictures and keeps on hoping for his forever family. Well, Love is in the air because I got news that the little aviator boarded an aeroplane this weekend

On Radio: “Adoption story of hope”

I was recently approached to share our Adoption story live on radio. Once I managed to get around the unforgiving LIVE part and a tendency to hug my words with 'ums', I was actually super excited! Turns out I was streamed live on facebook as well but I decided to stick to my 'face for radio' debut instead 🙂 It … Continue reading On Radio: “Adoption story of hope”

conviction? adoption!

CERTAINTY, ASSURANCE, CONFIDENCE, SURENESS, NO SHADOW OF A DOUBT. Our planes don't just land here by chance. These are the final destinations that we move all of our family and belongings to...................in ox wagons.  They are not just last-minute holiday destinations. And I believe these are the gem places that we need to find! But let … Continue reading conviction? adoption!