Our Story

I made a stealth blogging entrance at the beginning of 2012, with 7 years of marriage under my belt and a rather broken heart. Infertility hit my husband and I like a bolt from the blue and there seemed to be no way to escape our pain but to steadily process our way through it. I think we drove those close to us a little dilly with our lack of ‘outward action.’ But inside our hearts, in our home and sometimes even throughout the night, we continually trusted and prayed together.  FOR SIX SOLID YEARS (after our final diagnosis)…. and God tenderly led us thro the valley to an open space where adoption became our conviction…. and not our escape.

Little did i know that 2012 would also mark the birth of our family through adoption and that today we would have two beautiful children!
For an outline of our infertility story, see: “The day my ears heard“.
Then there’s the day that we became parents with 7 hours notice, see: “Behold… a baby girl.”
Two years later we adopted an embryo (yip!) and I carried our son into this world, see: “Finding our snowflake baby.”

Over the years we have been approached by many couples – friends of friends – who have heard our story and who are traversing thro the same infertility valley that we know too well. I love to give hope where I can and to also share the same encouragements that we held onto when we had to face THAT raw question: ‘Would we be able to make peace with the fact that we might never be parents?’ It needed to be asked… and faced. Our purpose and identity in this world had to be anchored in the right place for that question to not wash us out to sea!

Altho it isn’t always a conscious thought, not a day goes by without me knowing that our family has been miraculously knitted together and out of that place of gratitude, I hope to continue parenting these little people wisely, to help them grow up to be secure, healthy and strong – in every way.

And on that note –  I shall be sharing as I go, as I learn and as I grow…


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