I have been really inspired to take small steps towards a more sustainable life. The fact that I have a whole blog section for this would lead you to believe that i’m an established ‘homesteader’ but i’m actually just keen to drag a few of you along on my journey of becoming less green… about being more green!

Over a good part of this decade, I have become increasingly interested in how food choices have affected health, sometimes of those dear to me and this has led me to look critically at how the products and resources we consume are produced. So often it is with speed and greed at the core… and to birth a pun, the apples we consume are no longer keeping the doctor away. According to researchers, apples now top the list as the most contaminated by pesticides, even after they are peeled and washed. Eating five servings a day of the most contaminated fruits and vegetables is akin to ingesting 14 different pesticides per day!

I have a lot to learn… but I do have a kitchen that I love, a million mason jars dreaming of being filled with pickles & preserves and a daunting acre of land for my husband and I to homestead the heck out of…. oh and two cute kids, that I’m hoping will learn to appreciate the art of hunting down chicken eggs instead of sugar-laden easter eggs (but I can dream)!

I’m pretty sure that our journey to a more sustainable life will be a slow labour of unprocessed love. Having just completed building our family home from the dust… has given me a pretty good idea of what that looks like.

Below is the mini library that I have chosen to get my proverbial teeth into: