Finding spring in winter

In September 2010, I was asked to speak at a conference in front of 600 women. Gulp! I said yes, NOT FOR THE LOVE OF PUBLIC SPEAKING AT ALL!! Bright lights & early mornings are not my comfort zone, but something resounded in me and I just knew that this was absolutely what I had to … Continue reading Finding spring in winter


A reality pregnancy

I have been thinking A LOT about my pregnancy. Probably because it's been 9 swell months since my baby left my body and arrived in my arms. This may sound like an ordinary, perhaps even time worn phrase, but for us the journey to our boy was so unexpected.... and mind blowingly miraculous. It was a 'here' that I hadn't … Continue reading A reality pregnancy

writing is like breathing

I don't know what it is about writing, but somehow getting the proverbial pen to paper, really helps to interpret my feelings into human. I love nitpicking thro beliefs, concepts and thoughts in my head and unravelling them into the written word.  As well as finding my bearings in God's-eye-view. At the moment, I have so many thoughts bulging at the … Continue reading writing is like breathing

Finding our snowflake baby

On the 22nd January 2014, I ‘stumbled’ across a podcast called 'The Miracle of Snowflake Adoption' by James Dobson. He was explaining how he had played a role in the first ever Embryo adoption. My ears and heart were completely flooded for a moment. This meant TWO SIGNIFICANT things….. firstly that I might actually be able to carry and give … Continue reading Finding our snowflake baby

Frozen babies

Did you know that there are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of frozen embryos sitting in freezers across the WORLD waiting for someone to adopt them? Dr. Dobson interviews Marlene Strege the first snowflake adoptive mom and her daughter Hannah—the first snowflake adopted baby. LISTEN HERE: PODCAST: The Miracle of Snowflake Adoption