Embryo Adoption Story: {Phillip & Ginny}

Phillip and Ginny Hobbs live approximately 12,000 kilometres away, in Jacksonville, Florida, but their story is a mere heartbeat away from ours! It was one small paragraph in a book for them and a late night podcast on embryo adoptions for us. These ‘findings’, no doubt completely God orchestrated, personally set me on a 5 month journey of intrigue and discovery. I lapped up stories and testimonies of all the families who had been blessed with children through this unique route of adoption. So many amazing stories but this one does stand out…

Phillip and Ginny weren’t originally amongst those shared stories, since they were embarking on this journey at pretty much the same time as we were – our sons are just a few months apart. We have recently been in contact and i’m pretty sure if it weren’t for the small factor of 12,000 km’s, we’d have had tea coffee together already! For now, social media friendpals we will be 🙂


Hobbs-57  TE_1lr

After three years of marriage, Phillip and Ginny decided to start trying for a family, but months turned into years of waiting, hoping, trying, more waiting and some testing revealing that they wouldn’t be able to conceive without intervention, which they chose not to pursue. In Ginny’s words, “I deeply grieved not having biological children and moved forward”…

When Ginny and Phillip were dating, they had shared their combined desire to adopt as a part of building their family – the question was always around “when” they would adopt, not “if”. So, along with submitting their plans to God and thoughts to one another, they began to explore the various adoption avenues. It was around then that they were reminded of a paragraph on Embryo Adoptions in the book “Adopted for Life” by Dr Russell Moore.

Along with their combined desire to adopt and Ginny’s deep desire to experience pregnancy and carry a baby, they found themselves moving forward with “snowflake” Embryo Adoption – a perfect marriage of the two desires! Their first try resulted in a miscarriage at nearly 12 weeks, and altho so devastating after the many years of hoping and waiting, they did not lose heart and tried again, to find out that Ginny was pregnant with a perfect baby boy! I love how she put it – “So much pain and grief were instantly a distant memory. We were dumbfounded by how much love filled our hearts over this perfect little stranger who made us parents.” 

And now just two years on, Ginny has given birth to another “snowflake baby,” their beautiful little daughter Evalynn. Bound together by love, embryo adoption has given Phillip and Ginny the family they have longed and prayed for.

Interestingly, they have since discovered that their son, Tripp was frozen for eight years before he was transferred and his baby sister, Evalynn was frozen for six years. Little did they know that through all those tears and years of struggling to start a family, Tripp and Evalynn were frozen… just waiting to be adopted.

“God is so mysterious and so good, and His ways are beyond imagination or understanding for us. I wouldn’t change one detail of our story.”  – Ginny Hobbs


I am pretty sure that I speak for both my husband and I as well as the lovely Hobb’s, when I say that this process leading us to our babies and the story that floods our hearts with increasing love as it unfolds, is better than any love story that we could have ever made up on our own. Forever grateful is an understatement! May journeys like the Hobbs’, not only touch and bring hope to those in the depths of infertility but may it also ignite something in the hearts of couples who have remaining embryos… to choose life and family and love for them too.
It is an all round beautiful win!

I have recently posted a video (to my facebook page), capturing the Hobbs’ journey to parenthood with their gorgeous little boy, Tripp (also find it below) AND you can watch this family featured on First Coast News (click here), right after the arrival of their little beauty, Evalynn.

Isn’t this such a wonderfully redemptive story of hope?


Photos supplied by Virginia Hobbs ©




2 thoughts on “Embryo Adoption Story: {Phillip & Ginny}

  1. GInny Hobbs says:

    Yes, we would have definitely had coffee by now were there not an ocean between us! Thanks so much, Ange… I look forward to our coffee date — ahem, playdate — one day! ❤ ❤ ❤


    • panjels says:

      Yes! Play date 😂😂 I’m still of the illusion that I actually have coffee catch ups these days. Your expectation management is right on track😜 ❤️❤️


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