Click ‘open fresh new blog post’  Start brewing coffee Have a writing plan  Scrap it all completely and just be deeply moved instead.

My kind of plan, actually! I love writing and sharing but not at the expense of being fuelled by purpose, passion or conviction. Circular small talk is for the birds, unless that person has a stash of deep or wit in their back pocket…. and in that safe place, nonsensical random conversations are most welcome to breed 🙂 Which is why this video clip, attached below, seriously knifed my small talk plans.

In the moments where the last “ sat, I found myself watching three beautiful couples share their journey around learning that their children had a syndrome called  Dup15q (read more here). I personally know one of the couples and this clip just re-floored me. It took me into their hearts for a moment and I was so moved – far beyond my comfort zone, dry eyes, frivolous thoughts and beyond my own hearts capacity to contain that chunk of emotion (CHUNK being the word). All three couples shared so bravely, honestly and beautifully and I’m pretty sure that anyone who finds themselves in a similar position would find great comfort in seeing the profound love expressed for their precious children and the positive impact their little people have had on them already…. altho a painful reality to come to terms with at first, and still at times.

I’ve thought a bit about why this (and similar stories) impact me so deeply and, apart from seeing many similarities in our own ‘unexpected parenting journey‘, I believe these are the three main reasons:

  • Pain can provide the best perspective and a pair of new heart eyes!

    I was chatting with some fellow ‘infertility journey sisters’ recently in a kind of ‘update us after all these years’ context. There was a healthy mix of lamenting, humour and gratitude going around, and during the course of our bantering, I was struck again by how deeply I feel for others going through various painful situations (for me this is not limited to infertility journeys, but rather to shared unmet desires, the relinquishing of dreams, and unexpected painful intersections in our lives, such as a loss of someone close to us – death, estrangement etc.). I know that our 7 year wait to be parents invested a whole new level of empathy into my soul. I have a lot to say on the subject of depth and pain but to keep this paragraph from turning into that blog post, I’ll stay at the top of the deep hole – and just say this – when you go there, and you feel it, you are changed. It’s as if my heart now knows of a new dimension (hello earth!) and altho it’s raw and can initially look deeply dark, it has also been a real reminder that I am alive. As a result, I have been able to recognise and love others in a similar heart space, far more effectively than I used to! I also wasn’t floundering around alone, God was with me – He was my lamp and my harness. He still is!

  • We were made to feel…

    …and we were made to love. I don’t know exactly what it is (actually I do!) but something otherworldly washes over me when I listen to real heart testimonies and stories, such as my friends’. Does anyone else get what I mean?? It’s as if my own heart is beating in literal empathising sync with Gods and if a story holds an injustice, I want to rise up and defend with my metaphoric sword. Interestingly, breakthrough neuroscientific research is confirming daily what we instinctively knew all along: essentially that we are wired for love! When we truly love one another… not just sympathy ‘for’, but empathy ‘with’, we bring a bit of heaven action to earth, even if it is a simple embrace.

  • Every life is worth it

    This is everything. Each persons life has inherent worth and dignity, which does not depend on their ability or circumstances; it flows from being created in the image of God. Ok, so either I stop right here or i’ll write with infinite ink!

Below is the video clip which sparked this… and then because it’s good to feel and remember and be challenged and moved… hopefully to action of some sort, I decided to pop in a few other stories that I have recently watched as well. Some of the journeys have led to special needs adoption! Just think about that for a sec! The word ‘heroes’ nearly wants to fall off my lips, because as much as I don’t want to say it, I too have been conditioned to some (hopefully continually lessening) degree by a world that leans heavily towards convenience, self-centredness, excellence, status and external beauty. But calling these INCREDIBLE couples ‘heroes’, would assume that they might deserve a medal…. and I am almost 100% sure that not one of them would accept something so frivolous for something that is so beautiful – for a little SOMEONE that they would most likely die for! True worth!

I am pretty sure that the third reason is the one that really turns my taps on. And that’s good. May I be refined where it counts!

So set some time aside and get your heart tissues ready! 🙂







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