On Radio: “Embryo Adoption Story”

Two weeks after sharing our Adoption Story on CCFM radio another talk show host asked to interview me on our Embryo Adoption story. So here it is – my journey to experiencing pregnancy and carrying my absolutely gorgeous (adopted) son into the world.

YES, you read that right!

Today we have two beautiful children and never in my wildest dreams did I think that we would have such an unexpected and wildly fulfilling story to share. I believe with everything in me that our experience… all those years of waiting, finding out our diagnosis followed by more waiting (aka hoping, praying, yearning, dreaming, crying, trusting, growing, adventuring, processing…), was actually more than just about us becoming family. When I have been asked to chat to friends of friends who are waging the same war with desire, or to talk at this woman’s conference, in front of a stage-frightening 600 ladies, I have just known every time that the answer is YES. Yes beyond my fears, Yes beyond my comfort zones and Yes to the bigger picture! My husband and I have always sought to let God lead us and I am in love with this beautiful story that He is weaving. Little did I know!

If you know anyone who would be encouraged by learning more about Embryo Adoption aka Snowflake babies, then please do share it with them. I am available to chat, if you would like to make contact here!


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