Books on Embryo Adoption

I constantly have my antenna poised for opportunities to chat to my children about adoption. My son is still too young to understand but he’s party to the lingo and conversations that I have with my daughter. Thankfully I rarely need to cold call bring it up as I find everyday chats have made way for me to weave their stories in. One little thread at a time.

How to do this with your specific child is not outlined in a manual and it’s not always a perfect science since we will all have unique stories mixed with the occasional butterfingered moment. Thankfully fine-tuning grace & wisdom are waiting in the wings, but if you are needing some more natural ways to spark conversation or to simply allow the word ‘adoption’ to become a natural word in your home, then here is a shortlist that I drew from the Nightlight website. I have a few age appropriate adoption stories on my shelf but none specifically on embryo adoption…. so this list is helpful for me aswell. I haven’t read them all – let me know if you have and please do comment below with your personal favourites!

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Souls On Ice: True Miracle Stories of Embryo Adoption
By Maria Lancaster
This first-of-its-kind book tells the compelling stories of real families who have donated or adopted frozen embryos. Every story details the sorrows and triumphs experienced by families struggling with infertility.




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Of Souls and Snowflakes
By Tiffany Childs
“Mothers are ordinary heroes, whose mighty deeds are usually masked by their mundanity. What makes this maternal story special is the weaving together of technological miracles with the miracle of a heart opening up to greater grace, by means of great tragedy and personal limitations.” -Eric L. Johnson




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Chosen for Greatness: How Adoption Changes the World
By Paul J. Batura
Chosen for Greatness tells the stories of 25 well-known adoptees who were given the opportunity to change history for the better when they were taken in by their new families. This heart-felt read focuses on traditional adoption, but includes a very well written chapter on embryo adoption.


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A Gift for Little Tree

By Colleen Marquez
A parable about adoption, this charming story tells of an apple tree who is unable to bear fruit—no matter how hard she tries—until a wise farmer finds a way. He grafts a bud onto Little Tree’s limb, and in time she becomes the most colorful tree in the orchard.




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Before You Were Born: Our Wish for a Baby

By Janice Grimes
A story book written in age-appropriate, loving language and tells the story of how a child came to be via embryo donation or embryo adoption. The book is written for 3-5 year olds. Using bears as characters, the illustrations depict the typical day in the life of a child interacting with their parent.


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A Blessing from Above

By Patti Henderson
Every night before she goes to sleep, a kangaroo prays under the stars for a baby to love and hold. One day, as she rests under a tree, a baby bird falls out of its crowded nest—plop!—right into her pouch! Now, every night before they fall asleep, Momma-Roo and Little One thank God for all their blessings . . . but especially for each other. The book closes with a quote from Ephesians 1:5: “In love he destined us for adoption to himself. . . .”


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Training Wheels: How Did I Get Here?

By Chris Barrett and Sally Hunter
The story is about five year old Miles and the new bike he gets for his birthday from his special friend, Mike in California. Miles’ parents explain that Mike’s mom and dad generously donated their remaining embryos and he was born as a result of their loving gift.




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Ready Made Sweetie
By Whitney Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Cupcake want to grow their family, but they don’t have any ingredients! They put out a call for donor mix and soon receive the ‘sweetest’ blessing — all that’s left is a bake in Mrs. Cupcake’s oven! A fun book to help children understand the basic ideas of embryo donation/adoption.



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The Pea That Was Me: An Embryo Donation Story
By Kimberly Kluger-Bell
A great way to introduce children conceived through embryo donation to the idea that “some very nice people” (a man and a woman) donated an extra “pea” (or embryo) to help bring them into the loving arms of “mommy and daddy”. May be read to children as young as 3 years old, and has room at the end to fill in your own child’s details.





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