This heartbeat

I’m not sure when this heartbeat first began…

Maybe it was sometime mid 2013 when I first listened to James Dobsons podcast on ‘snowflake babies‘. I was flicking through media and came to a halt as my heart suddenly stopped my fingers from scrolling…. and the nagging feeling that I should really be catching up on beauty sleep was quenched by an ordained God moment. I know this because it was the EXACT missing puzzle piece that my heart somehow always knew existed and I only knew it when i felt it. It is actually largely wrapped up with why I am alive… even in the literal sense.

Which leads me to my own birth story, so maybe it goes even further back… to the moment when God spoke life over me in the womb and a doctor of death was busy acting on the opposite. But God’s plan and His word wins every time! My post called ‘Doctor death (with-a-little-d)‘ pretty much explains why my heart beats. God is why. The young day that I found out I wasn’t meant to live, (but actually was absolutely meant to live), was a significant one. The only feeling that overwhelmed me was love – I was so loved – and most especially by my heavenly father. God wanted me on earth for a reason and in that lies a lifetime of purpose and destiny to discover in Him. Which is still unfolding… or perhaps it’s being put together like a puzzle even bigger than my days?

All I know is that I have wanted to speak for the unborn child… for as long as I can remember.

So it really goes back even further. To before time even began and Gods eyes saw my unformed substance; in His book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them.

My personal story, my daughters story and now the story belonging to my son, whose strong, little heart beats inside of me… are all a part of this beautiful picture of purpose that is really starting to take shape.


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