Suddenevitably, it’s spring!

Don’t you just love SPRINGtime?
It’s a beloved season! I find myself trailing around the garden, listening to the birds sing, analysing the new buds, protecting the sprouts (as if i’m needed for that, thanks panj but you aint God!), and stroking the brand new, innocent leaves. I’m such a nerd!
I think my 4 years in London gave me a real nose for blossoms and the appreciation of life post winter. I love nature and creation!

Altho I experience pangs of picking remorse, my Jasmine inevitably creeps inside with me. I adore the smell! Weird thing is, whenever I have it in a room, hub will walk in and immediately say, ‘I smell pooh’… and then he goes ‘oh its the Jasmine’! Mystifying! I have practically made him snort some to prove its perfume… but I can hide it all i want, he will always say pooh first….!?

But I suppose it’s kinda like the time I ate a stinkbug on the back of a mulberry, age 9. I felt something crunch but lack of guile and denial said, just swallow. The minute I walked inside the house, my dad said ‘ooh, everyone check under your shoes, someone has stepped on a stinkbug’ – moment of truth – but lets be honest, if my dad had not shamed the act with a name, I would have figured that foe out!…….. Like, if stinkbugs always sat a mile north, my nose would know which way to go!
(sorry ladies, I do fail our reputation, with a built in GPS impediment… my husband has had to excuse himself from many a business meeting to sheepishly redirect his lost southern suburbs wife… normally on route to Malmsbury – and – when I walk out of a shop, I ALWAYS go back the same way before deja voux turns me around! Thank goodness for Table Mountain… sometimes!!) But the point is not my bad bearings or a stinkbug or whether my husband maybe ate jasmine, as a baby (altho they fit in quite well with my nature theme)… the point is, right now i’m writing with total frivolity (cos too much of serious in winter is never fun) and then suddenevitably©, we will go deep and i’ll tie that bow handsomely around infertility’s loooong neck, which I hope both the silly and perspicacious amongst us will appreciate 🙂

So then I also need to mention my pet orchids that are bringing me MUCH joy and are all busy re-flowering as we speak – some for the 3rd year running. There have been no indoor murders for quite some time now and if there was an inspection, then we’d pass! Yes folks, it would seem that we are officially prepared and fit to be parents…… wooohooo……. but pot-plants aside, didn’t we know that already, having received our concluding adoption nod in March 🙂 We sure did – whodathunk?! They should really add a pot plant survival question to that psychometric / parental aptitude test…. 🙂

And second from last (pace yourselves) is our very fertile pomegranate tree. It was a spontaneous buy, we came home, chose a sunny spot and planted it. Then shortly after, we visited Fairview wine and cheese farm and I noticed both the enormity and abundance on the pommie tree there – and that’s when it struck me – TREE. NOT. PLANT!! I may have rethought it all but theres no going back…  I mean if I struggle to pick jasmine, i’m never going to uproot the happiest pomegranate TREE ever (second to fairviews – eek). Year one’s produce = 2 buds: x1BFN (in fertility circles means a ‘big fat no’) and x1 DELICIOUS BIG pomegranate. Year two’s produce = 55 buds (kid you not): x54BFN’s and x1 even DELICIOUS-ER pomegranate.

SO whats the big deal?
Well FIRSTLY, the tree is really only meant to produce fruit in it’s 3rd year so you can imagine how much gazing & stroking I am currently doing!
SECONDLY, just ONE pomegranate fits into nearly FIVE of those woolies ±R30 pommie tubs and LASTLY…. ‘they say’ that Pomegranates are meant to do wonders for quality, motility and quantity of our little azoo-swimmers. Although I have not forgotten the small detail of first needing JUST ONE miracle swimmer for the pomegranate to improve on. But if that miracle were to happen (in God’s domain) then I am pretty sure it will be one crazy-fast, unblemished, perfect, little guy… just like the new shoots and leaves of spring! So neither have I been tempted to buy those R80 bottles of pure pomegranate juice for my husband to down…. because well, between God and the tree He made, I think we are covered. It’s weird but I can’t help comparing the pommie produce to fruitfulness in our lives (spiritually & physically) –  so lets see what this summer holds..? And if God can make my garden this fruitful then he sure can do the same in my womb, with my husbands seed- all we need is ONE!

our prize pomegranate produce from last year 🙂

But you know i am not finished, (nearly but not yet), because I haven’t said the last ‘lastly’ yet;)

And lastly, above all that spring offers, in the way of fresh starts, renewed hope & new life….. and as much as my dreams of a miracle conception soar to extra new heights EVERY SEPTEMBER along with all the flora and fauna around us…. I have to say that the flowers which grow on my Camellia tree during winter, do the most for my soul!
There they are, bright pink and perfect amidst the bare trees and barren garden, daily producing a carpet of colour. Included in this is my fascination with Magnolia’s which produce blooms on naked stems in late winter to herald spring. They are the most beautiful sight to me – a garden project for next year!

Through our now 5 years of TTC. I have had to remember that my hope and joy is not determined only by the sights of spring or by the sound of a cooing baby. I have found that it’s so much deeper and more everlasting than that – as I have aimed my spiritual eyes heavenward, beyond myself and circumstance, I have found green & life in the very depths of even the frosty days. If we are only ever looking forward to spring, we may just miss the incredible life-giving raw beauty hidden in winter. And doesn’t spring just hold so much more delight, because we have known winter?

Every season has a purpose… and I am SO mindful to not tamper with or try and skip past the process. This is my journey I know – but it is God who establishes my steps – Psalm 37 and the gems I have found along the way with Him are for an inheritance that endures forever! He has created a refuge for me in winter which is the knowledge of a forever Spring, an even more glorious Eden!!

Now just to convince my husband that Blossom is a perfect name for our miracle daughter :)) What didn’t help was finding out a week ago that friends just named their new cute POOPY puppy by this very name (he looked at me and smirked)! YES, I know, I do have a serious case of spring fever!

(And I may also have to drop off some jasmine to go with their puppy:)



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