Rocking my hashtag & achtung heart

I must write! But I feel blankly unable to even articulate my head and heart to myself. At the moment, my dreams are far more higher grade than my day-time thoughts…

Well, let’s start with a simple detail to forest my way thro….
Ok – hub and I recently returned from an INCREDIBLE, long awaited 3 weeks in Barcelona, Florence, Venice, Rome, Sorrento, Positano (must revisit), Nice, Monte Carlo, Croatia, Montenegro… amazing, amazing, amazing!! (I’ll attach some memories at the end).

Now, on returning all I can think about is preparing a space in our home for babies. (ok there she is, so near the surface… I hear you heart, I hear you – it’s all about babies, né?). BUT a mountain stands in the way!  And this time it isn’t only Mount-Protection, it’s the Vesuvius of all things paper and unsorted piles (apart from the eruption potential, Everest was more apt but we were near Mount Vesuvius on holiday… And I have a weird sentimental thing about connecting dots and people together). So perhaps this is the motivation I need to start sorting thro the fabulous paper piles that my husband and I manage to maintain at precariously neat JENGA heights – phew, that mouthful just about does the pile justice. I wish one of us were different in the ‘last minute panic but hugely productive under pressure thing’… that would be helpful. Our lives are so busy that DIY / sorting doesn’t sound too appealing on the odd spare Saturday that we manage to fence in with force! But get in our way, in the face of a timing crisis, and prepare to be impressed!

alas, my new found point…. Anything baby prep has a ripple-sorting-effect to endure beforehand…
Starting with the study and then working room by room through the house. I do think my side of the paper collection stems from my mom being particularly unsentimental. Don’t get me wrong, agents would call our house “neat as a pin” until they see the cupboard where I’ve kept every letter, birthday card & ribbon received. It’s kinda like a handbag… no matter the size, mine is always full, with an emergency book & rabbit food in tow. But we are determined to simplify and electronicify – hello twin iPads – with apps like kindle, zite, flipboard, pinterest, jamie oliver, dropbox and shared icloud diary reminders, quickly changing our ways.

I am quite tired of this ‘now and not ye’t baby tug of war. I want to open my heart a chink wider to dream… And im going to start by sourcing a rocking chair. I figure other items, dummy- bottles- baby grows and the like will satisfy our love of all things last minute but a good old, comfy rocking chair needs to be nurtured into a life-story (like the couch that I happen to know I was conceived on – random & how I know that escapes me)… But this rocking chair will be a legend, I know it!

Theres also this ‘faith painting’ I started 3 years ago before I lost steam (and subsequently covered up with the baby blanket my mom-in-law lovingly crochéd around the same time – as a match of faith) Shame its a slight sad sight… but I want to push past procrastmyheart & finish it now.

And with this ALL comes another feeling – which I don’t want to entertain in my heart&home…. It isn’t going to bind me in this waiting season…. No matter how long the waiting lasts. I don’t want to be scared of what perseverance & pain feel like. I’m going to stare you in the face, fear! Watch me unveil that dusty painting and lay that blankie out as I rock back and forth reading in my chair of hope – who says I can’t multitask with A LOT OF FAITH and a little iPad?! I’m wild aren’t I?

To make sure I feel the pressure…… I will promise to load photos of my completed products soon! Now to get my snotty-winter head out of bed and make some soup! Finding spring in winter! hashtag & achtung baby!!

…and remembering our magical holiday!

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4 thoughts on “Rocking my hashtag & achtung heart

  1. blessedbarrenness says:

    I’m sure once you get your hands on that rocking chair you heart will burst wide open and be flooded with hope!
    All the very best!


  2. Mash says:

    Catching up – love this post. I also have piles of paper in the way of baby room. And a cupboard full of sentimental stuff. Sigh. Release, release. I have already done clearout round one, and soon clearout round too is coming!


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