Best Leap Day Ever!

A year that is not a leap year is called a common year.
And, well… I’m really trusting that the likes of our 2012 leap day will spread into it being a very UNcommon year indeed… BECAUSE we had an uber-important-life-changing-appointment at the end of Feb.

Only on the actual morning, whilst driving to meet with our ADOPTION SOCIAL WORKERS for the first time (yip! that’s the leap) did we take note of the fact that we were leaping around and taking giant moon leaps on leap day. I got a little excitable and started saying ‘LIPP DAY’ in a high-pitched voice with the Lost In Translation “lip my stocking” accent. If you have no idea what I’m talking about here, don’t worry and there’s no connection whatsoever to the movie, just a touch of nerves and joy mixed, which caused some random silliness 😉

In all the excitement we arrived eagerly early, so we drove around the corner and found a little place that served takeaway coffees and sat in our car praying and wondering what the assessment would be like… and praying again. I remember just wanting to take note of all our surroundings, the people passing by, what we were wearing, whether the mango strips I bought were appropriate to chew on during, to be conscious of the music playing and our conversation ponderings… some of these details would normally be overlooked but they were married to this moment – which has now been forever marked as a special beginning. With dreamy faith I was aware that one day we would have a little person or 3 with us and I wanted to be able to relay how this love story unfolded and share how excited we felt as we prepared and dreamt of our beloved babies – TO BEHOLD.

When we drive past on that highway, with a car filled with family love, we will point to the coffee shop and say, “hey that’s where…… we took our first leap of love” xxx


One thought on “Best Leap Day Ever!

  1. mommyjesse says:

    This post so reminded me of a similar feeling. I’ll never forget saying to my husband after our final meeting of acceptance – that when we drive this road again it will be with our baby. I never imagined that it would be two months later. It was the best drive of my life!


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